The Monarch School and Institute


Transition Services Employability Program progresses in stages to ensure success; on-campus internships, off-campus externships, competitive wage earning employment. Adult learners attend Employability classes and access hands-on career training through Monarch’s Life Academy.


As students acquire skills, they move to either off-campus externships for additional skills training or paid employment. Careful consideration is applied to ensure adult learners are placed in appropriate employment positions based on personality type, sensory needs, aptitude, and ability. Monarch’s overarching goal for adult learners who are on the Employment Track is to acquire a paid position with a company that matches the learner’s temperament type and skills. All adult learners access weekly job coaching and therapeutic support.

Additionally, Monarch supports adult learners who attend local colleges by providing wrap-around therapeutic services and academic tutoring. Pivotal to the Transition Services Program is Integrated Learning Practices to support continued application of the unique Monarch Four Core Goals® in all areas of life. Extra support is carefully provide to adult learners who manage both college and work. Participation in Transition Services provides adults with a plan, opportunity for practice, and a place for their evolution into contributing citizens.


Life Academy

 Monarch’s Life Academy is the practice center for of all of life’s learning; home-living, personal skills, community engagement, and employment. Through our 5 learner-operated, entrepreneurial enterprises, students translate academic learning into meaningful, functional skills and develop an understanding of participating in all aspects of the world around them; living, social, and career success.