Patti Pace - Head of School

Head of School


I am thrilled to be the Head of the Monarch School and Institute. Monarch’s reputation for meeting the needs of learners with neurological differences is renown, and I am extremely proud of such a well-respected organization. I am passionate about meeting the needs of our learners where we believe establishing and sustaining collaborative and collegial relationships is key! Our Monarch families, faculty and community members all know this and it is much of the magic that is Monarch. My thirty plus years in education have taught me many things, among them to build and sustain relationships through trust. I believe it is through positive relationships that an organization is best positioned to meet the needs of its learners.

Monarch is well known for its success in meeting the needs of learners with neurological differences by focusing on each individual’s strengths rather than weaknesses. In all of my experiences I have had opportunities to serve learners with neurological differences and these experiences have always been extremely important to me. Building on the strengths of the learner first has always been a foundation of my beliefs and actions.

Monarch’s approach to serving learners through developmentally appropriate therapeutic opportunities is designed to enhance social and emotional development while creating a foundation for achievement in academics. The comprehensive nature of the Monarch School and Institute with ongoing opportunities for learners as they transition into adulthood makes the Monarch experience unique. With my experiences as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, building principal on both elementary and secondary campuses, and as a district administrator, I recognize the exceptional quality of incredible educators and therapists and that is who we have here at Monarch!

Of utmost importance in my position as the Head of School and Institute is to carry forward the Monarch mission and support Monarch’s four–core goal methodology of: executive functions; self-awareness and self-regulation; relationship development; and academic and professional competencies.

As I have shared with many down through the years, my philosophy has always been “above all else, the needs of the learners always come first.” I am honored to serve The Monarch School and Institute as the Head of School and Institute where this is our common belief..

Patti Pace
Head of School and Institute