The Monarch School and Institute

sustainability Explorations PROGRAM

We are transforming lives through the power of connecting with nature and each other.

Our 11-acre campus provides vast opportunities for learning in the fields of horticulture, sustainability, environmental design, biological sciences, and social sciences through the Sustainability Explorations Program.   We build and maintain vegetable, herb and flower gardens from seed to harvest using organic practices, supplying the campus with nutritious food and pollinators with nectar producing plants. Weather and water monitoring stations play an integral part in learning to work in harmony with nature. We propagate and sustain the habitats that encourage wildlife to share our campus—from trees to butterfly-attracting milkweed.


We intend for students, faculty and community volunteers to:

  • Be inspired stewards of a studio designed and made of recycled or reclaimed materials

  • Continue the reforestation of our property—for carbon sequestration, energy-shading conservation, water retention and life sciences instruction that re-establish wildlife habitats

  • Establish and maintain gardens for food production, water retention, waste recycling, beautification and botanical instruction

  • Demonstrate wind energy harvesting, solar energy, geothermal, and water harvesting

  • Engage in hands-on, collaborative, and experiential applications of learned concepts

  • Focus on solutions for environmental, economic, and social challenges


We are thrilled that, through our Sustainability Explorations Program, the greater community will see the work of our students — demonstrating the powerful strengths and compensatory skills of our students. The more the world sees the competence of individuals with neurological challenges, the more the world will welcome their participation and contributions.