+ What if my child is under 17?

On a case by case basis only, we may admit learners under the age of 17. This is only considered for learners who have been in the Butterfly program for a period of time and when all team members agree that this is a safe option for the student.

+ Do the young adults need to come home to their family on weekends and holidays?

The residential program is closed only seven days a year (two days for Thanksgiving, three days for Christmas, and two days for New Year’s). Young adults living in the houses will need to go home for those days. In addition, the residential faculty that live in the houses are afforded one weekend off a month. We do encourage that students go home for that weekend; however, we can also provide coverage. Young adults living in the apartments are not required to go home; however, faculty will not be checking in with the young adults living in the apartments for the seven days we are closed.

+ What if we are unsure if our loved one can eventually live on their own? Are they required to progress through the sub-programs in order to be considered?

No, the young adults in our residential program are not required to progress through all three subprograms. We have young adults who will always require some level of support and/or supervision. The goal of our program is to support young adults in reaching their maximum optimal independence.

+ What is the level of education and/or experience of the Residential Faculty?

Our residential faculty go through a lengthy selection process. A bachelor’s degree in special education and/or five to seven years’ experience in education and/or a residential setting is preferred.