The Monarch School and Institute

Transition Services

Students in our Transition Services Program receive residential, academic, social and employability opportunities for Monarch graduates and other young adults in the community. Participation in this program provides your young adult with a plan, opportunity for practice, and a place for their evolution into contributing citizens.



Monarch’s Transition Services Program is a fully comprehensive, all-inclusive, therapeutic program for young adults with neurological differences to achieve sustainable success in development of each learner’s optimal maximum independence. Every learner enrolled in Monarch’s Transition Services Program can access the following services and supports:

  • Life Coaching
  • Life Skills Training
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Therapeutic Support
  • Social Skills Training
  • Social Skills Practice
  • Social Events
  • Community Service Projects
  • Employability Planning
  • Employability Exploration
  • Employability Coaching
  • Employability Placement Support
  • On-Site Job Coaching
  • Employer Training and Problem-Solving Support
  • Post-Secondary Exploration Support
  • Post-Secondary Admission Support
  • Post-Secondary Accommodations Identification Support
  • Post-Secondary Executive Functioning Support
  • Collaborative Planning w/ Community Providers
  • Transportation to/from Post-Secondary Education and/or Employment during program hours

Services and supports are accessed in terms of priority and assessment to truly meet each learner where they are in their development. Our professionals work in collaboration with the learner, their family, and community providers/partners using the gradual release method to ensure readiness for next steps and long-term success.


Employability is embedded within the Transition Services Program. We meet the learner where they are in terms of employability readiness and we provide opportunities to build skills using the gradual release model.

Our program gathers information from a variety of sources to identify the learners' skills, interests, and affinities to develop employment pathways in a field the learner loves. Our methodology for employment is supported by authentic practice and a gradual release of responsibility and ownership. We have a wide range of employment enterprises and specializations that offer tangible and transferable employability practices and certifications to ensure learners' resumes and experiences are marketable in the competitive employment environment.